CEREC® Crowns

When a tooth has been badly damaged, it needs a greater amount of protection than a filling can provide. In such instances, we turn to dental crowns to restore the form and function necessary for chewing and a natural aesthetic.

Patients of Flax Dental may choose conventional crowns made by our lab artist. The standard method involves two visits with a slight wait in between, during which you wear a temporary crown while the lab makes the new restoration. An alternative that many of our patients choose is a CEREC crown, which eliminates the need for a temporary crown.

Imagine getting a dental crown in only one appointment, without the need for the messy impression or a temporary crown. That is possible with new CEREC technology.

What is a Cerec crown?

A Cerec crown is a non-metal restoration made in our office while you wait using CAD/CAM technology.

What can CEREC Crowns correct?

A CEREC crown may be selected for any repair requiring full or partial coverage. Basically, if you need a crown or an onlay, you can benefit from Cerec technology. The difference is not necessarily seen and felt, but experienced. A CEREC crown may be placed over a tooth treated with root canal therapy. It may prevent further injury to a tooth that has cracked or broken, or on which a large filling needs to be removed.

Cerec Crowns vs. traditional crowns

With traditional dentistry, a crown takes two separate appointments to complete. First, the tooth is prepared and an impression is taken. The impression is then sent to a laboratory where the permanent crown will be manufactured. You are sent home with a temporary crown. Besides often being uncomfortable, a temporary crown has to be made so that it comes off easily, meaning that it sometimes can come off prematurely, at inconvenient times.

Get a CEREC Crown in a Day

CEREC® computer assisted design-computer assisted manufacture (CAD/CAM) technology changes all that. The tooth preparation is the same. But instead of a messy impression, Dr. Flax simply takes a picture of your tooth with a three-dimensional camera. After a wait of about 20 minutes, your new crown is ready for final placement, eliminating the need for a temporary!

cerec crowns atlanta | dental crowns gaAfter preparing the tooth, Dr. Flax uses the CAD/CAM software to create a digital model of your tooth. As soon as he has approved the design, it is transferred to his on-site milling unit to be manufactured while you wait. In only 20 minutes, the crown will be fabricated. Dr. Flax will then seat it and make any adjustments right away. Once the fit is perfect, he will permanently bond the crown in place.

Patients love CEREC crowns because the entire process is quick, convenient, and the results are beautiful. CEREC takes all the hassle out of getting a crown:

  • No more annoying temporary crowns
  • No gooey impression material is needed
  • There is no chance of miscommunication with the dental lab
  • CAD/CAM technology ensures the correct fit
  • Since there is no second visit required, CEREC is excellent for busy individuals

Who is an ideal candidate for a Cerec Crown?

Patients of all ages can be good candidates for metal-free CEREC restorations. In addition to the substantial time-savings that stems from this treatment, patients also benefit from the use of high quality ceramic to restore teeth. The ceramic material in CEREC crowns mimics natural enamel in sheen, translucency, and also resiliency.

What are the benefits of a Cerec Crown?

There are several benefits to a Cerec crown!

  • There is no temporary restoration to go home with, you leave that same day with your new crown.
  • No more goopy impressions either, digital scanning is the game changer.
  • The crowns have a beautiful, natural look and feel.

Cerec crowns have been proven clinically with millions of successful restorations worldwide.

What is a CEREC crown made of?

CEREC crowns are made of strong, durable metal free materials that looks and feels very similar to natural enamel.  Each crown is milled in our office, you can even watch your crown as it is being made.

What to expect during the procedure

We start with a digital scan of your tooth and the surrounding teeth. We make sure are comfortable and prepare you’re your tooth for the impression scan. Once the final scan is done, Dr. Flax and his assistant will program the computer with data to ensure precise accuracy with design detail to ensure the best possible fit. As the crown is being created in our milling machine there is about a 15-20 minute wait. Then, we will firm, polish and bond the new crown to your tooth.

Are there any disadvantages to CEREC crowns?

There are far more advantages to CEREC tooth restoration than disadvantages. Dr. Flax can deliver your Cerec crown in 1 visit, there is complete control of the shape, contour and fit, and the Cerec crown is a strong metal free restoration. At Flax Dental, individualized needs are considered. Dr. Flax will make the best recommendation for your situation, a Cerec crown or a crown made by our lab ceramist. Both techniques are great options to consider.

Are Cerec Crowns painful?

Dr. Flax keeps his patients very comfortable to make sure no one experiences any pain. We have many ways to help you receive your dentistry with as little discomfort as possible.

What does CEREC mean?

CEREC stands for CEramic REConstruction. It is the name given to the technique that Enables Dr. Flax to use digital and 3D technology to make your crown in our office in just 1 visit.

Can the same technology be used for fillings?

CEREC has been developed to improve the methodology of crown treatment. However, this expedited process may also be used to fabricate inlays and onlays, which could be likened to large, metal- and mercury-free fillings. Like CEREC crowns, inlays and onlays made in our milling machine are bonded to teeth, creating tight margins and a discreet appearance.

Do CEREC crowns contain any metal or mercury?

One of the advantages of CEREC restorations is that they are metal-free and mercury-free. This aspect of care makes CEREC ideal for patients who prefer a holistic approach, who have allergies to metal, or who want to avoid the tell-tale opaqueness of porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns.

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