Holistic Dentistry

Now more than ever, we are discovering how an individual’s total well being is all inter-connected. We are learning that substances and certain healthcare practices actually have the potential to negatively impact the body. Dr. Flax understands where you are coming from and takes to heart the long-standing ethical obligations of health practitioners to, “do the patient no harm.” If you are looking for an Atlanta holistic dentist, we can help.

A Mercury-free Holistic Dentist

holistic dentistry atlantaSince the 1800’s, dentists have been using amalgam fillings that contain mercury. Holistically-concerned individuals feel that there is a potential for negative health risks with these silver amalgam fillings because they actually contain over 50 percent mercury. And although the American Dental Association has deemed amalgam fillings to be safe, Dr. Flax understands how you could be uncomfortable having mercury in your mouth.

Today, we have another option. White composite fillings offer many benefits over silver amalgam fillings. They provide a seal to the tooth because they are bonded directly to it, they cause less post-operative sensitivity, and they are tooth-colored so they look much nicer. If you are interested in learning more about white fillings, please visit our mercury-free dentist page.

Sanitary Amalgam Removal Services

If you have decided that you would like to replace your old amalgam fillings with white composite fillings, we offer sanitary amalgam removal services. We can provide this treatment safely, right here in the comfort of our office. There are extra safety precautions we use to ensure that you do not breathe in or swallow any of the potentially harmful particles during this procedure. As the old fillings are drilled away, there may be some mercury-containing dust that is created so we use a rubber dam or the isolite to isolate the area, as well as an alternate breathing source.

Cliffords Tests

If you have had Cliffords Tests, bring the results with you to your appointment, and we will accommodate your special dental materials needs.

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