Laser Dentistry

What is a dental laser?

A dental laser is a high-technology device that generates a very specific beam of concentrated light. This beam of light focuses energy into your mouth that can help Dr. Flax perform a variety of tasks, from removing tooth decay and preparing your tooth for a filling, to artistically sculpting your gums to improve your smile line. The laser beam sterilizes the affected area and seals off blood vessels, which minimizes the chance of infection or bleeding. Laser dental patients are much more comfortable both during and after treatment. For fillings, in the great majority of cases, there is no need for anesthetic injections, and there is no drilling. Less time is spent in the dental chair so you can return to your daily activities more quickly and without numbness.

Drill-Free Laser Dentist in Atlanta

One of the most exciting recent technological innovations in dentistry is the hard tissue laser.

There are two basic categories of lasers used in dentistry–soft tissue and hard tissue. It’s the hard tissue laser that is the exciting new development. With it, Dr. Flax can completely restore a decayed tooth without the use of a drill and with no need for anesthetic. Imagine a dental appointment without drilling and all the associated anxiety.

Many dentists cater to patients that get nervous or don’t like needles. But for Dr. Flax, it’s personal. When he was growing up, his mother was terrified of the dentist. It was her fear that was the main motivation in his decision to become a dentist. He doesn’t want others to suffer as his mother did.

Not only is Dr. Flax a pioneer with the dental laser, owning the most advanced laser technology available including AMD Lite Touch laser, but he is a leader in teaching laser dentistry to other dentists around the country and internationally. Visit our Meet Dr. Flax page for more information about his credentials.

LiteTouch™ Laser

Flax Dental is pleased to announce they have implemented the new, next-generation LiteTouch™ Laser for both hard and soft tissue dental procedures. The inclusion of this new technology to the Flax Dental office has allowed patients to benefit from an improved experience and shorter healing time. One of the many appealing aspects of this new feature is no drills and in most cases, no anesthesia. The LiteTouch™ Laser removes and heals dental tissue using the energy of light. The laser removes decay gently, leaving areas of healthy tooth unaffected.  This new laser isn’t only used for tooth decay, it can be used efficiently in all areas of dentistry such as root canals or gum surgery.

Benefits of Choosing Laser Dentistry:

  • More of the natural tooth structure is preserved.
  • Reduces the need for needles or anesthesia.
  • No lasting numbness or stitches.
  • Minimizes the need for medications.
  • Needle-free, noise-free, and pain-free visits.
  • Quicker recovery times.
  • Creates a positive experience in the dental chair.

How will I know if laser dentistry is for me?

Ask Dr. Flax. Upon thorough examination and co-diagnosis, he will determine if laser dentistry is right for you. We find that lasers are useful in many areas of dentistry.

Schedule a Consultation

If you are curious about laser dentistry and wondering if it’s right for you, schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Flax today. During this time, he will spend a few minutes with you personally to help determine if you are a laser dentistry candidate.

For questions and answers about laser dentistry, please view our laser dentistry FAQ page.

With laser dentistry, good oral care is no longer a pain. Ask about it today!