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Here’s just a few of the nice things people have written about us:

Ed C.

Thirty-seven years ago, in 1980, my wife and I moved to Atlanta. A friend referred us to Dr. Richard Smith for dental work. I am a “white knuckle” dental patient and so it was with some trepidation that I went to that first appointment and let a stranger work on me. My wife and I soon became comfortable with Dr. Smith and his staff and have been patients of the practice ever since. I was no longer a “white knuckle” patient. My wife and I were still patients several years ago, when Dr. Smith sold his practice to a like-minded dentist, Dr. Hugh Flax. We were so comfortable with Dr. Smith and his staff, we wondered how we would like Dr. Flax and his staff. We thought that when we move to a retirement community in NC in a few years, we’d get a dentist up there. Our concerns were put to rest when we met Dr. Flax, the hygienists, Karen and Faith and the administrative staff. I am still not a “white knuckle” patient. Not only were they professional, they quickly became our friends and gained our confidence. They, like Dr. Smith and his staff, were “top notch”. They were professional, on time, friendly and were human beings. We’ve been patients of this practice for 37 years and when we move to NC, we plan to return to Dr. Flax and his staff for our dental work because we feel so comfortable with him and his staff. By the way, no one in the office is related to us. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Flax and his practice.

Dorothy F.

It’s about time I did a review for Dr. Hugh Flax.

I’ve only been his patient for almost 30 years!

I was out and about one day and noticed a woman with a beautiful smile. I commented on it and she said her smile was courtesy of Dr. Hugh Flax. She told me how to reach him and I made an appointment immediately.

I’m one of THOSE patients that are TERRIFIED of the dentist. I hate everything about the dentist – almost. I have tried to become a better patient over the years and I am – a little bit. But Dr. Flax has worked with me through all my phobias and has gotten me through it.

The most important thing about this review is this: I’ll be 63 soon and still have ALL my teeth with the exception of wisdom teeth that you have to have out. That’s huge! Dr. Flax is ALWAYS trying to save your teeth – and sometimes that’s not easy. He is an absolute EXPERT. I admire and respect him.

I encourage ALL people who are afraid of the dentist to call Dr Flax for an appointment immediately.

Here’s what you get:

  • No judgement
  • Sympathy
  • Nurturing
  • EXPERT Analysis and plan for your best smile
  • A comfy scented warmed pillow for your neck
  • A soft warm blanket
  • Ear phones with any form of music or tv you desire
  • Shaded glasses so the bright lights won’t be distracting
  • Nitrice (don’t know how to spell this) (ie laughing gas) if you need it – which I do!
  • Of course, I’m sure if you need totally knocking out, Dr. Flax can make that happen also
  • EXPERT CARE by the EXCELLENT staff Dr. Flax always has on board – and they are long term
  • EXPERT CARE BY THE MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE AND STUDIED DENTIST THAT I KNOW OF – he is asked advice and teaching from dentists all over the word; he speaks at conferences and is in high demand; he’s the dentist of many stars

I’m very glad Dr. Flax is my dentist after all these years – he’s the best!

John K.

“There are dentists (the kind that can give you filling), then there are specialists (like Endodontists, who treat the areas of inner tissue of the teeth and Periodontists who specialize in gum tissue), then there are dentists who specialize in “cosmetic dentistry” and then…there is Dr. Flax. I say this because I know for a fact that Dr. Flax is one of the most respected and talented dentists in his field of work. Not in Atlanta, but in all of North America. Like a skilled artist, it takes months, if not years to not only do the work, but to acquire the skills to be able to give a patient “a perfect smile”. Oh…you say there is no such thing as a “perfect smile?” I would disagree. I cannot tell you how many complete strangers have complemented me on my smile. Maybe they were being kind…but when it gets to be in the thousands over the years, you have to start to believe that it is true. Today, Dr. Flax finished my implants which was a two-year journey. It was not short of extraordinary. Most implants do not take anywhere that long (two year), but I had a very difficult case. Replacing a six-unit bridge (my 6 FRONT teeth) and getting it absolutely correct, as well as aesthetically beautiful is not a job for any dentist. Yes, there are dentists in town who will tell you that they can do it, but I can assure you that no dentist will give the attention to detail as Dr. Flax and his staff. The other thing to note is this important question: “How much time does your dentist spend on continuing education?” This is highly critical, as advancements in surgical techniques, composite materials and equipment have changed rapidly in dentistry over the past decade. Dr. Flax not only attends dozens of conferences a year, but he is also lectures and teaches other dentists on the latest procedures. So what is the price of a smile? For me, you cannot actually put a price on it. Let me put this way. Think of Ervin “Magic” Johnson. Besides his great basketball career, what THE thing you think of when you think of Magic? His smile! Today, I got a Magic smile. Actually, I had one before today, from the magical work that Dr. Flax did for me in 2005, when he built a bridge that was “ahead of it’s time”, but what he finished today was nothing short of awesome. It is hard to find doctors and dentists who are at the top of their game. Most of time, when we are looking for one, we have to rely on “word or mouth” or do hours of internet searches looking for the “right person”. Save yourself some time and see Dr. Flax. He is one the best dentists on the planet.”

Lisa H.

“Absolutely countless reasons to make Dr. Flax your dentist! Trust me, this is worth the read!

OK … I admit it. I can be a high maintenance person, with a tendency to expect perfection; in addition to those characteristics, I was also considered a complicated dental case because of some challenging dental issues created by some unfortunate circumstances. As a result, I had to be very particular about whom I chose as my dentist.

After interviewing multiple dentists, when I found Dr. Flax, I knew without question I had found not only the most highly skilled and experienced dentist, I found a consummate professional who is absolutely committed to excellence in every aspect of dentistry, as well as patient care.

Dr. Flax demonstrated that he is not only dedicated to staying up to date on the latest trends and technologies, he is a perfectionist whom sincerely wants the most perfect outcome possible for every single one of his patients. An added benefit is that Dr. Flax’s staff is also unsurpassed in making you feel like you are the only patient that walks through their door. I found the front office staff (Edi, you know I love ya girl) is always so friendly and welcoming, and willing to answer any question you pose in an extremely timely fashion. If a smile could have a voice, it would be Edi’s voice. Tracey is equally as warm, and caring.

I also found Dr. Flax to be consistently interested in me as an individual patient, willing to listen to whatever I felt I needed to ask, or mention. He was able to quickly assess my dental needs, and develop a plan of care that was designed for my specific needs. Dr. Flax even went out of his way to coordinate care for me with other medical professionals (ENT and oral surgeon), to assure that my outcome was complete, and of highest quality.

I found Dr. Flax to be sensitive to and very capable of addressing my concerns regarding pain management. Of note, I had many of the most long and extensive dental procedures performed by Dr. Flax, and never once did the procedure itself or fear of pain scare me in any way, because of the profound trust I so quickly developed in him. After hours, Dr. Flax personally followed-up with my status every time I had an extensive procedure performed, and made himself available whenever needed. I knew I was never on my own in his care.

After three years of treatment, I recently (May 2013) reached my goal of having a smile that is not only beautiful, but one that is designed to last a lifetime from structure and function, to the aesthetic look as well. I have been told by friends and family that I have been transformed by his dentistry; as a result, I cannot wait to get on with my life.

I only wish every professional would choose to treat their patients like Dr. Flax does. I am blessed and honored to have received my care from such a brilliant, skilled, caring, and personable professional. My husband has also received excellent care from Dr. Flax, and his needs were challenging as well. We are big fans of his!

You will never find another dentist or doctor who is more knowledgeable, or devoted to the care and well being of his patients. I could have never taken the journey with anyone else, and trust me, that is saying a lot. With Dr. Flax, you will always be in excellent hands!”

Ann S.

“I have completed a total mouth ‘makeover’ and the results are spectacular! My teeth are beautiful and I am proud of my smile… they look so natural that no one seems to suspect crowns or veneers…”

Dori P.

“The difference between my old smile and my new smile is nothing short of astounding…”

Debra H.

“Ultimately your compassion won me over and your dedication to perfection impressed me…”

Julie H.

“When I decided to get a second opinion… I wanted to find someone who specialized in cosmetic dentistry rather than someone who was still experimenting with the possibilities…”

Jennifer W.

“I will never forget the great movies, the warm neck pillows, the blanket for my cold feet, the phone calls the afternoon of a procedure…”

Hilton W.

“Even though I do not get to associate with all the cheerleaders any more, I have certainly got my share of compliments about my nice teeth…”

Crystal R.

“At work I feel more focused on my job since I am not as worried about my appearance. It is amazing what a difference these veneers have made in my life…”

Tom B.

“Your practice continues to create ‘WOW’ experiences for me even after all these years… An office is just chairs, computers and fixtures until a team of people decide to make it something more…”

Dr. Frances D.

“My sincere thanks for not only healthy teeth and gums, but for a “smile of confidence”. As a client of yours for more than 10 years, I can truly say you’ve brought me a long way baby!”

Marilyn R.

“You and your staff…have always made every effort to make every appointment as relaxed as possible…”

Alysia H.

“I was pleasantly surprised at the dramatic difference… in my smile. I will be happy to talk to [your patients] about the superior level of care that is offered at your practice.”

Alba L.

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions… Dr. Flax wants you to be completely comfortable with your decision for your cosmetic procedure…”


“Even though you have your guarantee on the work, I don’t think it will be necessary. But it is nice to know that you stand behind your work…”

Stephen M.

“Dr. Flax and all his staff are so wonderful! Always courteous and responsive. Never losing touch with the realities of everyday life, its stresses and hurdles. Making every moment in their office a pleasant one…”

Bonnie S.

“What a joy it is to smile… and, to smile without covering my mouth with embarrassment!”

Lisa H.

“Dr. Flax is the complete and total package. The best of the best! I cannot image having had any other dentist. I am truly thankful for Dr. Flax, his commitment to his profession, and for his staff. They are all amazing to work with.”


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