Why Choose Flax Dental?

Cosmetic Dentistry | Atlanta GA

While your smile is already unique, our extensive knowledge of dentistry can help you to make it perfect. Dr. Hugh Flax is a cosmetic dentist in Atlanta who will custom-design your smile to make you look better than ever before.

What We Know Will Make You Smile℠

5 Reasons Why More Patients Choose Flax Dental

No two smiles are alike. Here’s a short list of some of the most common reasons why people seek out Dr. Flax and the caring Flax Dental staff:

  1. We listen to your desires and concerns. We won’t hurry you into making a decision about your treatment. We want to get to know you and find out what you hope to achieve through your dental plan.
  2. We help you make informed choices on your options. There are many paths to a perfect smile. More than one may be just right for you. We will make sure you know everything you need to know to make the right decisions about your cosmetic dental treatment.
  3. We show you what to expect. Thanks to a process called Smile Imaging, you have the opportunity to see approximately what your smile will look like before treatment. We want your input – after all, it’s your smile!
  4. Protect your overall health with good oral health. The better your mouth feels, the healthier you tend to be. We preserve more of what nature gave you by using the latest dental techniques.
  5. People trust in our knowledge and experience. Dr. Hugh Flax is one of America’s most respected and sought-after dentists. An internationally known author, lecturer and teacher in the field of aesthetic dentistry, Dr. Flax is committed to providing the utmost in quality dental care and smile design.


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