April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month—We Are Here to Help!

We are committed to helping our patients to achieve smiles that are loved wholeheartedly. While the appearance of your smile is without a doubt an extremely important factor, not to be overlooked is the overall health of your entire mouth. As a dedicated dentist in the area of Dunwoody, GA, I am proud to provide your first line of defense against the progression of oral cancer with our high-tech oral cancer screening procedure.

I welcome patients to come in for an oral cancer screening. I use Velscope to detect early signs of oral cancer, such as tissue abnormalities. The early stages of oral cancer are nearly impossible to detect without a screening device such as Velscope, and by the time oral cancer progresses, it becomes much more difficult to treat.

Dentist in Dunwoody GA

Oral Cancer Facts

The Oral Cancer Foundation reports that unfortunately, close to 42,000 Americans will be diagnosed with oral or pharyngeal cancer this year. Over 40 percent of those will have succumbed to the cancer within five years.


Oral Cancer Survivor

The survival rates for oral cancer are significantly higher when the cancer has been diagnosed at an early stage. That’s why our oral cancer screening test is so important—lifesaving in fact.

Dentist in Dunwoody GA

One of my current patients is an oral cancer survivor. He came into Flax Dental, and underwent our oral cancer screening. We were fortunate to catch the early signs of this deadly disease, act fast, and save his life. He is now doing incredibly well, and I am grateful he came to Flax Dental.

The Process

Our high tech procedure utilizes a blue light that exposes any contrasts or abnormalities along your lips, mouth, and throat. It is quick, completely non-invasive, and can detect the beginning of oral cancer even before you start to show symptoms. This facilitates the treatment of the cancer before it has time to spread, and greatly increases the odds of a full recovery.

Being aware of oral cancer is one thing, but taking the appropriate preventive action is another. An oral cancer screening for you and your family can save lives. Book your appointment with us today!

Do you think most people realize how vital an oral cancer screening is to their health?

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