Benefits of Gum Tissue Redesign

Did you know the health and aesthetics of your gums can have an impact of framing your picture-perfect smile just as much as your teeth do? While your teeth may be perfect, your gums could be deterring your smile’s true potential.

Excessive gum tissue can result in the dreaded “gummy” smile, making your teeth look shorter. An uneven gum line can create the illusion of a crooked smile or draw attention to a specific tooth. A receding gum line exposes roots, making your teeth look longer and you look older.

Despite these setbacks, our laser dentistry can sculpt your gums to work in unison with your teeth, creating a smile that’s ready to be shown-off. With the incredible Waterlase laser (read more about its amazing benefits in my latest blog), our gum tissue redesign or sculpting treatment can correct any of these gum abnormalities without anesthesia or drilling!

What makes this revolutionary procedure such an appealing option in resolving issues with your gums?

  • It’s non-invasive – The procedure is virtually pain-free with minimal recovery time. No needles. No numbness. No drilling needed.
  • Precise – As one of the leading laser dentists in Dunwoody, GA, I can skillfully and gently sculpt your gum line to look healthy and frame your teeth perfectly
  • Immediate results – Our gum tissue redesign can be completed in fewer visits, and gum abnormalities, infections, and ulcers heal more comfortably, making results practically immediate.
  • Beneficial for more complex cases – Gum tissue sculpting can also be used for more complex smile cases. For example, we can use gum tissue redesign when dental implants and bridges are used, or when trauma on the mouth has occurred.

You’ll be amazed how a simple adjustment can transform your smile into a masterpiece. Give us call today to learn more about improving your smile with our gum tissue redesign. We are confident you will love your new look!

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