Botched porcelain veneers gave me uneven gums

I recently had porcelain veneers done. My dentist has been raving about how beautiful they will be and what a difference they will make in how I feel about myself. I got to see them in the mirror before he permanently cemented them on and I thought they were going to be wonderful. But after I’ve lived with them for a week now, I hate the way my gums look. The best way to describe them is that they appear uneven. Maybe they were like that before, but I never noticed it. They really stand out now and unfortunately I just don’t like it. I keep fixating on how uneven they look and it’s starting to get to me. Do you know if the dentist can fix them? I’m embarrassed but I spent far too much money for a botched job. Any advice?

– Karla in Arizona


You would know if they performed any modification or gum surgery to your gums. At least you would assume that to be the case. It would have been called gingival surgery or a gingivectomy. Some cosmetic  dentists will call it gum contouring. So that would be the first question is did the cosmetic dentist perform any treatment to your gums before getting porcelain veneers? Again, you’d think you would know, but sometimes miscommunications can occur since most patients are so fixated on the porcelain veneers themselves.

If recontouring didn’t occur, than it is possible that they are simply standing out now because your teeth now appear to be straight from the porcelain veneers. It would be good to contact the dentist’s office to clarify if anything was done to your gums or not.

The best cosmetic dentists will address any unevenness or shaping of the gums prior to the porcelain veneers being placed. And an experienced cosmetic dentist should have anticipated this may be a possibility originally. But unfortunately for you, there isn’t anything that can be done now that the porcelain veneers are permanently bonded. If the dentist made any corrections to the gums at this point, the margins would be at risk of showing and your teeth would become more susceptible to decay.

Call your dentist and discuss your concerns. If you do require work on your gums, you can always start over. Sorry! Wishing there was an easier fix. This doesn’t necessarily sound like botched cosmetic dentistry, but there sounds to be come confusion or misunderstanding.

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