Brilliant! Teeth Whitening in Atlanta

Americans spend millions of dollars every year on teeth whitening products. Everyone, it seems, would like to have a whiter, more brilliant smile. It’s easy to see why: a healthy white smile is pleasing to see on others, and an asset in social and professional settings. At Flax Dental in Atlanta, we can help you get the smile of your dreams.

Have you wandered down the Oral Care aisle at the grocery store lately? There is so much to choose from! There are toothpastes and whitening strips and mouth rinses, and gels that you wear in trays against your teeth overnight. What these products have in common is a bleaching agent that works on the surface stains of your teeth. And to be fair, they do a pretty good job whitening teeth.

But who wants to settle for a pretty good job? Over-the-counter products all pale in comparison to the professional-grade teeth whitening you’ll get at Flax Dental. We have two options: in-office Zoom! whitening, and take-home kits.

Each can give you the brilliant smile you’ve always wanted. How, you may wonder, are the take-home kits any better than what you’ll find in the grocery store? It’s a fair question. The answer is that they are professional strength.

Professional-grade teeth whitening can whiten teeth up to ten shades. It is the safest, most convenient way to achieve a fabulous white smile. Flax Dental in Atlanta also provides Invisalign clear braces, dental implants, and restorative dentistry. Make an appointment with us today.

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