Can I get sedation for Zoom?

Do you know if it is possible to get sedation dentistry for Zoom whitening? My mom keeps telling me it’s really not necessary, but I have really sensitive teeth. I am kind of nervous to get the whitening because I’m afraid it will hurt. I have never had a cavity or anything so I don’t have anything to compare it too. And the things I’m reading are stating that your teeth can be very sensitive after the procedure. When my cousin had teeth whitening she was literally out of commission for two days afterwards. She said it felt like the nerve endings were exposed on all her teeth. So I’m seriously considering sedation dentistry. Is that something the dentist will work with me on?

– Annie in Minnesota


Sensitivity after Zoom whitening is not uncommon. Really any type of teeth whitening procedure can make your teeth more prone to sensitivity. In most practices, sedation dentistry is used for more invasive restorative dental work. Or it is used for particularly anxious or fearful dental patients. Sedation dentistry isn’t out of the realm of possibilities for you, but really doesn’t make much sense for Zoom. Here’s why. The whitening procedure itself is painless. Any discomfort or sensitivity you would experience would be after the procedure. So getting sedation dentistry for the treatment time really defeats the purpose.

Here’s what’s happening with Zoom. The whitening agents and process can dehydrate the teeth. This can make them very sensitive for a couple days following the procedure. Since it sounds like you already deal with sensitive teeth, it would be best to try and desensitize your teeth before the appointment with a fluoride toothpaste or mouthwash. Talk to your dentist about your concerns prior to the appointment and there is a good chance they can prescribe you something to help. Also, don’t hesitate to tell the dentist during the appointment if you experience any zings or pain. They can discontinue using the light so it isn’t so intense.

Good luck! You shouldn’t have to use oral sedation to get through it.

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