Can I switch from braces to Invisalign?

I hate my metal braces! They are ugly and my lip keeps getting cut from them. I think they are causing endless painful canker sores too. Can I switch to Invisalign? Or am I stuck?

– Gabe in Indiana


Sorry to hear you have been having an unpleasant experience with your braces. The best thing to do is discuss it with the dentist that placed them in the first place. He or she may be able to make the switch for you to Invisalign or possibly combine the two treatments. Or there may be some other similar orthodontic treatments that you would be a candidate for.

Invisalign has one of the highest patient satisfaction rankings of any dental procedure. But it isn’t guaranteed to be pain-free. There may still be some soreness as the ligaments and teeth are moved into the correct positions. Although, the pain is typically managed with ibuprofen and only lasts a day or two after receiving each new set of clear aligners.

With braces, canker sores are part of the deal for many patients. And although there is no guarantee that Invisalign will not cause them, the likelihood is less. You may be an individual that is prone to canker sores, especially when there is something foreign in the body. So be sure to bring that up when you consult your dentist. Until then, there is a special wax that can help the cutting from the braces. Ask your dentist about a brand that he recommends. Or you can use some over-the-counter ointments or medications to assist with the healing of the canker sores. Salt water rinses can help too and increase healing times. Another helpful tip is to avoid acidic foods and drinks. Flossing or what is called a threader can help keep your braces clean and keep bacteria from entering the sores. Good luck to you!

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