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Restore Or Replace? Cosmetic Dentistry in Atlanta

As the saying goes, there is more than one way to skin a cat. Likewise, there is more than one way to fix a tooth. If you are lucky enough to have a set of perfectly healthy teeth, you may never need any of these procedures. For the rest of us, cosmetic dentistry in Atlanta…

Need a Crown? Here’s why you may want to Look at CEREC!

Needing a crown used to mean at least a couple of visits to the dental office. Now, patients are able to streamline their restoration process, all thanks to the innovative technology we know as CEREC. What is CEREC? CEREC, or CEramic REconstruction, is essentially a method of tooth repair that involves innovative CAD/CAM technology. It’s…

CEREC means convenience but what if it doesn’t match my other teeth?

I travel for my job three weeks out of every month. When I’m home, I’m constantly playing catch up. I honestly don’t have time to go to the dentist. Therefore, I am intrigued by CEREC same day crowns. They sound convenient and from what I understand the entire crown can be done in one appointment.…


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