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Flax Dental Care Announces New Scholarships

The team at Flax Dental Care are doing their part in giving back to the next generation of students concerned with the health and care of our pearly whites. Dr. Flax has been a strong advocate for the advancement of dentistry and the quality of care that patients receive. He has served as President of the…

Dr. Flax is Sponsoring the AACD APEX Student Scholarship!

That’s right everyone. Dr. Flax along with two other AACD accredited dentists are sponsoring the AACD APEX Student Scholarship for 2015! The lucky students who win this scholarship will attend the renowned American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Scientific Session held in San Francisco this year to learn from the cosmetic dental world’s finest educators. Scholarship Finalists Will…

Get Your Dream Smile, But Stay Clear From These Bites

Every bite is structured for a specific purpose. Some are designed for power while some are designed to strategically hunt. This article explains the top 10 animal bites that will completely destroy you, and you should stay clear from them for good reasons. The Nile crocodile is listed as number one with a bite of…


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