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Brush a Tooth, Save a Heart

It might sound peculiar, but your body’s overall wellness depends on a clean and healthy mouth that is free from infection. The body can thrive when the mouth is free of inflammation, which can spread throughout your organs. Why does having a healthy mouth affect your entire well-being? Multiple scientific studies have proven your oral […]


Recently, my friend and colleague from the Kois Center Dr. Doug Thompson of Detroit,MI spoke to a group here in Atlanta. He shared some of the latest techniques in “periodontal medicine” which has been well documented in improving your health by eliminating the inflammation caused by gum disease. One of the key techniques testing your saliva […]


Sadly the world lost a great talent last week with death of drummer/ vocalist Levon Helm after long battle with throat cancer at Sloan Kettering that robbed him of his voice over the last 5 years and ultimately taking his life. Personally and professionally, I feel a huge loss. His music was iconic to me since high […]

ANTI-AGING–There’s so many things we can do

  For the past year, I have focused a great deal of my post AACD Presidency “spare time” getting rid of a spare tire and reading books like Younger Next Year. It is amazing how many wonderful things are available to enhance the mind, body, and soul at any age. Although I don’t read it […]

We have a Big Fight

Oral cancer is on the rise! That is very scary !  Typically it is found in those who have used a lot of alcohol and/or tobacco in middle aged people. With Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) on the rise in younger people (often sexually transmitted), a new wave of disease may be facing us. Early detection […]

Start Your New Year With A Smile–For Free

Happy New Year! Hoping everyone is enjoying a wonderful season of rejuvenation and good cheer. We had a fun visit with my family in South Florida and a visit with Mickey Mouse for a couple of days. Great chance to catch up and laugh with my wife and daughters. While exercising over the holiday break, […]

Keep Healthy and Good Looking: Address The Stress

The recent events of this past year have caused higher levels of stress than most of us have been accustomed to in quite a while. Our practice has observed an increase in cracked, more sensitive teeth, more complaints of headaches, and elevated occurrences of mouth ulcers.  Without a doubt, mental stress increases your chances of […]

A Child’s Smile Can Predict Future Marital Success

As a parent, you hope that one day that your child will meet the right guy or gal and “live happily ever after”. What if the way they smile when you say “Cheese!” can help their marital prospects? According the latest issue of Scientific American Mind, researchers are finding that exuberance and joy in a child’s smile can affect their marital […]

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Sex

Just got back from the International Federation of Esthetic Dentistry Meeting. Quite a learning experience meeting and listening to dentists from throughout the world. It’s amazing the level of interest and talent from places near and far. Can’t wait to visit my new friends in the future. I received an email recently from my friend […]


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