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3D Printing Is Coming To Dental Offices

Imagine walking into your dentist’s office and having something ready for you in an hour, such as a dental crown. Crazy right? Something like that would normally take a week or more to get made. Your mold must be sent to a lab, then made in the lab, then sent back to the dentist. It’s…

Read Dr. Flax’s Published Articles on Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry in our Atlanta practice is standard procedure. Dr. Hugh Flax uses a laser because it gently treats cavities and gum abnormalities without invasive needles or drills. To use this laser, taking advanced training courses and becoming certified is a must, and not only does Dr. Flax implement laser dentistry, but he lectures and…

Important Information to Keep in Mind for Your Smile

While all of the advances in new dental technology present exciting possibilities for patients and doctors, sometimes it’s important to take a step back and take a look at the big picture in creating a great smile. We wanted to revisit some articles previously posted regarding smile design that are just as relevant as when…

Changing Mouths from Glum to Glamorous

One of the most noticeable features of humans is our smiles. Unfortunately, some people prefer to hide their smile rather than letting them show. Oftentimes, this is due to shyness or embarrassment over the quality of their teeth. Not everyone was born with a perfect smile. In fact, it’s extremely rare! Most people will elect…

The Evolution of Tooth Decay

How many times do you hear that you should “brush more” or “floss more”? Of course, brushing and flossing helps prevent tooth decay to ensure excellent oral and periodontal health by removing harmful bacteria. However, the activity in your mouth is easily influenced by the drinks and foods you consume, and the amount of stress…


Recently, my friend and colleague from the Kois Center Dr. Doug Thompson of Detroit,MI spoke to a group here in Atlanta. He shared some of the latest techniques in “periodontal medicine” which has been well documented in improving your health by eliminating the inflammation caused by gum disease. One of the key techniques testing your saliva…


Sadly the world lost a great talent last week with death of drummer/ vocalist Levon Helm after long battle with throat cancer at Sloan Kettering that robbed him of his voice over the last 5 years and ultimately taking his life. Personally and professionally, I feel a huge loss. His music was iconic to me since high…

ANTI-AGING–There’s so many things we can do

  For the past year, I have focused a great deal of my post AACD Presidency “spare time” getting rid of a spare tire and reading books like Younger Next Year. It is amazing how many wonderful things are available to enhance the mind, body, and soul at any age. Although I don’t read it…


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