CEREC means convenience but what if it doesn’t match my other teeth?

I travel for my job three weeks out of every month. When I’m home, I’m constantly playing catch up. I honestly don’t have time to go to the dentist. Therefore, I am intrigued by CEREC same day crowns. They sound convenient and from what I understand the entire crown can be done in one appointment. But my friend had a CEREC crown done and it doesn’t look good. I’m just not sure if I’m willing to trade off on the appearance of the crown for convenience. Is this normal? I have been putting off getting my crown because I don’t have enough hours in the day.

– Paul in Minnesota


Sorry to hear your friend’s CEREC crown doesn’t look great. This is not the norm with CEREC crowns. If there was a mismatch, it’s not because it was CEREC, but because the dentist didn’t match the shade properly. Not every dentist does cosmetic dentistry well, even if they offer CEREC technology at their office. In order to do beautiful cosmetic dentistry, the dentist needs to possess an artistic inclination versus the mindset of fixing the functional problem. Beautiful cosmetic dentistry takes much advanced training and skill.

It may be wise to interview the dentist prior to moving forward with CEREC and inquire how the shades are selected. A excellent cosmetic dentist will likely have a portfolio of work and be able to show you many examples of CEREC restorations.

So just to be clear, the convenience factor of same day crowns has nothing to do with the aesthetic result. Patients indeed love the convenience of getting a crown in a day, mainly because they don’t have to wear a temporary crown or schedule a follow-up appointment. Based on what you have described about your work schedule, you sound like a great CEREC candidate.

Great questions!

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