Have You Heard of Lumineers?

A lot of people have heard of Lumineers teeth veneers because they have been heavily marketed by DenMat, the company that makes them. They have really done the public a great service in raising awareness of porcelain teeth veneers and what smile makeovers can do for you. But there are several misconceptions about Lumineers that we’d like to clarify.

The first is that they aren’t really a unique product. Lumineers are ultra-thin porcelain veneers. But there are several ultra-thin brands. Traditional teeth veneers are 0.5 mm thick, where ultra-thin veneers can be made as thin as 0.3 mm (a little thicker than 1/100 of an inch!) Being that thin, they can be placed with minimal or sometimes no tooth preparation at all. And if tooth preparation is required, it is very minimial.

But the best cosmetic dentists tend to prefer other brands. Let’s explain the pros and cons of the different brands.

What is Right Brand of teeth veneers for You?

The complaint about Lumineers is that some people say the teeth end up looking longer and bulkier than normal and, in some cases, chalky and opaque-looking. The company that makes Lumineers requires that they be made in their own large dental laboratory. Dr. Flax shares the concerns of other cosmetic dentists. He has a master ceramist he works with who produces beautifully aesthetic smile makeovers. So he prefers using the DURAthin brand, which allows him to work with this master ceramist.

Not every smile makeover patient is a candidate for ultra-thin teeth veneers. Whether or not you are a candidate could depend on the present condition of your teeth, existing dental work, and your smile design goals. Dr. Flax won’t be pushy with you about your options – he’ll explain the pros and cons of each choice, as it relates to your situation, and what you can expect for a final result, and then let you make the final decision.

You Will Love Your New Smile!

Dr. Flax is passionate about creating beautiful smiles for his patients and will recommend the best no prep veneers for your situation. He may also recommend having traditional dental veneers if your smile requires it.

Here’s how the no prep veneers smile makeover process will work when you come to see Atlanta dentist, Dr. Flax. First, he will discuss your goals, how you want to end up looking. You can go through the extensive library of photographs of smile makeovers he has done and tell him which smile designs appeal to you. Once you figure out the design you want, he’ll create that smile design on a model of your own teeth and may also do a computer simulation so you can be sure you’re communicating exactly what you want. Then he will create a temporary smile makeover with that smile design, so you can be absolutely sure you’ll be happy with the final result. And after his master ceramist creates the new smile in porcelain, you’ll have a chance to try it on for one final check before it is bonded on permanently. For more information about this process, please see our beautiful smile guarantee page.

If you have any further questions about Lumineers or the minimal prep veneers process, call Flax Dental in Sandy Springs or visit our request an appointment page and request a complimentary consultation with Atlanta dentist, Dr. Flax. You’ll get a few minutes with Dr. Flax to discuss whether or not you are a good candidate for ultra-thin teeth veneers.

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