Zoom Whitening

What is Zoom Whitening?

Another teeth whitening option in Atlanta is zoom teeth whitening. With the zoom whitening system it only takes one appointment to give you a brilliant, white smile up to 10 shades brighter. The best part is, the results can last for years to come.

Zoom is perfect for busy professionals or anyone that is looking for an instantly whiter smile. The extremely powerful whitening gel can remove stubborn stains that were left behind by eating and drinking things like tea, coffee, wine, berries, or smoking. It can even whiten the natural pigmentation of your teeth. The specially formulated whitening gel is activated by the Zoom light which releases oxygen deep into your teeth. The final result is a dazzling, white smile you will be proud to show off!

Zoom Whitening is Quick & Easy

After Dr. Flax determines that you are a Zoom candidate, here is what you can expect when you come in for your appointment:

Zoom Whitening in Atlanta GASpecially designed retractors and a napkin will be put in place to provide protection to your lips and face.

Zoom WhiteningIn order to protect your soft gum tissues, a rubber coating will be applied.

Zoom WhiteningNow that you are fully protected, the whitening can begin. The peroxide whitening agent will be applied to the surface of your teeth. Then, the Zoom whitening light is put into place over your teeth. This important step activates the gel and works to effectively remove years of stains.

Zoom Whitening Atlanta GAThere you have it! We typically perform three sessions that last 15-20 minutes apiece. We will also create a set of take-home whitening trays that you can use as a follow-up to achieve your desired level of whiteness. The entire appointment usually takes between one and a half to two hours.

Schedule a Consultation

If you’re considering zoom teeth whitening, come in for a visit and we can show you photos of others who have had this done by Dr. Flax. We’ll be happy to answer your questions. Call 678-999-1880 to learn more.

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