Cost of Lumineers by cosmetic dentist.

I want Lumineers but was scared off by the price tag. I was told $1100 for each tooth. Eek?!? Is this the normal price for Lumineers? Maybe I need to refocus my career and become a dentist.

– Layla in California


Well if you are in Southern California, that fee sounds about right. But please, please be careful with Lumineers. The company that markets them is pushing them hard and many dentists are jumping on board. Problem is, they really may have no business doing cosmetic dentistry in the first place.

Here’s why. There is a fundamental difference between general dentists that have a mindset to fix some functional problem and an excellent cosmetic dentist that is passionate about creating true beauty. Not any dentist can do cosmetic dentistry well. Lumineers are a particular brand of porcelain veneers which take extensive training beyond dental school to make beautiful. Less than two percent of dentists have the aesthetic eye for this work.

It sounds like money could be a determining factor. But try to think of it like this. Sure, you could find someone to give you a sweet deal, say $600-700/tooth, but in a few years, you will be paying a lot more than that to have them redone or fixed when you are unhappy.

This also brings up another issue about Lumineers. Most cosmetic dentists don’t like Lumineers. This is because they look lifeless, opaque, and bulky. The company that markets them requires that they be made in their own lab. Most best cosmetic dentists prefer to use their own, trusted ceramists. But that is not possible with Lumineers. So be open to the brand of porcelain veneers that the cosmetic dentist recommends.

Good luck with your smile makeover. But be very careful in researching your dentist’s credentials and don’t be bashful in asking to see their portfolio of work and cases similar to yours. It’s all about finding the right cosmetic dentist, rather than telling them what you want.

This post is sponsored by Atlanta cosmetic dentist Flax Dental.

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