Are you Counting your Blessings? Remember your Teeth!

Oral Health | Flax DentalThere is something about being surrounded by the cool, Fall air and everything pumpkin that coaxes us into a perpetual state of gratitude. It’s inherent during the holiday season, and we welcome these feelings that we have toward our practice, our loved ones, and even toward our teeth. Whether you absolutely love the overall appearance of your smile as it is right at this moment (and we can help you with that, if you don’t), you have a lot to be thankful for. Your teeth do things that you may not realize. When you do, you may be even more mindful about making sure they get all the care they need on a daily basis.

  • Teeth help you keep that youthful vibe. You may have heard that whitening your teeth can take 10 years off your face. This could be true. However, another important way that your teeth keep you looking younger, versus the opposite, is by supporting the contouring of your face. Without the structural support of the jaw and teeth, where would the cheeks and lips go, except inward?
  • Good teeth means better digestion. Of course you realize that you chew food before swallowing it. You’ve done this your entire life, so it’s easy to forget just why it’s so important. Chewing is necessary for breaking down food into small, digestible particles. If you move food through the chewing process too quickly due to a painful dental condition, digestion becomes a challenge for the stomach to handle on its own, and this can present a real problem.
  • Could good teeth mean greater success? The data suggests that this is exactly the case. We love helping patients gain confidence in the appearance of their teeth because we see firsthand the expansive benefits they experience from cosmetic enhancement. An attractive smile can mean that you get that job, or that raise, or that second date.

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We imagine that you brush your teeth every morning and night. It is our sincere hope that you are also flossing once a day. Beyond those tasks, we are here to support you in maintaining your teeth and gums in healthy, beautiful condition. Schedule your visit with your Atlanta dentist, Dr. Flax, at (404) 255-9080.

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