Is my dental implant quote affordable?

I have been living with these ugly gaps in my teeth for a year now. I hate the way my smile looks, it is downright embarrassing! I decided I would get a quote for dental implants so I can move on with my life. I was given a quote for $5,000. I knew it would be pricey but I had no idea it would be that much. Do you know if there are more affordable dental implants or is this pretty common?

– Benjamin in North Carolina


Great question and not uncommon. In the information age we live in, price comparison is common place. We can be shopping for appliances and price check the competitor down the street in no time at all. But when it comes to dental implants, buyer beware!

Dental implants are not a regulated field within dentistry. That means, any dentist can make the claim to do dental implants without any extra training at all. This complex treatment requires much advanced training beyond dental school, so not just any dentist will do quality work. And although you may find a more affordable dental implants price down the street, it could end up being more expensive in the long run. Implant dentistry is notorious for malpractice suits.

There are two stages to dental implants, no matter what the price tag. There is the surgical component where the metal post is implanted into the jawbone. Then, a period of time goes by that can sometimes be up to six months, where the bone fuses with the implant. After that, the porcelain crown is placed onto the post during the restorative phase. The process cannot be rushed or you will be risking infection, loose dental implants, or dental implant failure in some cases.

Generally speaking, $1,000/tooth per phase is a good rule of thumb at a very minimum. Therefore, on the low end of the spectrum, the total cost for three teeth would be $6,000. It is not uncommon for implants to run upwards of $2,500 each, for a ballpark of $15,000 total for three teeth.

Location and experience of the particular dentist is also taken into consideration. But the price you were given is very low. In fact, it almost sounds too good to be true. So be sure to verify that price and make sure he is talking about three traditional dental implants. A partial denture, dental bridge, or mini implants are less expensive. So if you are comfortable with those options, then be sure to discuss them further so you have a full understanding of the pros and cons sooner than later.

Just remember, instead of price shopping, you need to research your dentist’s credentials and experience. Then, after finding the right dentist, you can begin the payment discussion.The right dentist may work with you on payment, spacing it over time, or offering financing options to make it affordable.

Hopefully this was helpful!

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