Thank You For Donating at our Coat Drive!

Your dentist in Atlanta donated coats.In December, Dr. Flax, a dentist in Atlanta, and our team had the wonderful opportunity to host a holiday coat drive by partnering with One Warm Coat, an organization that provides free coats to anyone in need of one.

Thank you to everyone who donated their gently used or new coats at out Holiday Coat Drive. Thanks to your generous donations, we were able to give 35 coats!

The Need for Warm Coats

Adults and children cannot work and learn effectively when their body temperature drops. In fact, “Health experts report that even a 2-degree drop in body temperature results in reduced heart rate, loss of coordination, and confusion.”

Something as simple as a warm coat can make all the difference to help our community live healthily and happily.

About One Warm Coat

This heartwarming organization started in 1992, and has welcomed thousands of groups across North America. According to their mission statement, One Warm Coat strives to:

  • “Develop and nurture the volunteer spirit in caring people everywhere.
  • Make it easy to help those in need in local communities.
  • Provide tools and resources to help volunteers organize coat drives, publicize their events and connect with local Agencies to distribute donated coats.”

We are proud to have partnered with this wonderful organization and will do what it takes to make a difference in our wonderful community.

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