Did I do something strange at the sedation dentist?

I needed a lot of work done and I opted to see a sedation dentist, so I could get more done at each visit. I had a total of four visits, plus an exam, and the staff was great. My initial exam was a little traumatic, only because we were discussing so much. Between the overwhelming amount of work I needed done and the total expense of it all, I was a bit of an emotional wreck.

However, the rest of the visits went off without a hitch. I remember most of them, and that the staff and I laughed and joked for pretty much the whole time. I really liked the office, so I decided to stay on as a regular patient. My first routine exam and cleaning was just due and I went back, but the people were very different with me. I almost felt like they were whispering or talking about me behind my back. Is it possible I did something strange while I visited the sedation dentist and don’t remember it?

-A slightly mortified patient

Dear mortified,

It actually sounds like you were quite jovial when you visited the sedation dentist, and that the energy caught on among the staff members. They like to kick back and have a good time as much as you do. But the dental office sometimes falls into a professional, nearly somber environment. (Like during your first visit, when compassion and professionalism were an absolute necessity.) So, when a patient is particularly fun to be around, the attitude spreads like wildfire.  If you were fun to be around and laughing, it’s quite likely the whole office dropped by at some point or another, just to see what all the commotion was about.

On your recent visit, you weren’t as relaxed and that probably came through in your personality. Dental professionals have seen it all, so it’s highly unlikely that anyone thought you behaved in an odd manner on your previous visits. Chances are, they were attempting to complement your attitude with professionalism. Believe it or not, not everyone likes to laugh at the dentist. So, professionals use your responses to gauge how they should behave around you. If you’re curious, ask a staff member on your next visit. Better yet, try to remember what it was that you laughed about last time and try to recreate the situation. You’ll likely experience the same enjoyable response you got before.

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