Digital Smile Design

Everybody wants a flawless movie star smile. Some patients hesitate to undergo cosmetic dentistry because they don’t truly know the end result. They worry that the procedures may not be worth the money or the time in the dental chair.

Enter digital smile design! Thanks to this technological innovation, we can design your new smile digitally, and you can see your outcome before you commit to cosmetic treatment. Dr. Flax utilizes digital dental design to reduce patient anxiety and ensure successful results.

What is Virtual Smile Design?

Virtual smile design, or digital smile design, is a computerized process for planning treatment. We use advanced software during the dental design process so that you can see your current and new smile on a chairside computer screen.

The Dental Design Process

If you are interested in transforming your smile, we can begin with digital smile design!

Here is what you can expect from your dental design process:

  1. We snap a series of photos to glean all of the necessary information about your smile.
  2. We discuss your primary concerns about your smile and what your ideal smile might look like.
  3. Dr. Flax takes measurements and presents you with your treatment options based on your unique smile.
  4. We use the virtual smile software to design a treatment plan and model a potential new smile outcome.
  5. We show the patient their virtual smile results so they can know what to expect from their cosmetic dentistry procedure(s)!

What are the Benefits of Digital Smile Design?

  • The patient can tell Dr. Flax if there is anything they are dissatisfied with when they see their virtual smile. We can make corrections to the treatment plan to produce the new desired outcome.
  • Digital dental design allows us to execute more beautiful and accurate smile makeovers than ever before!
  • There are no more messy impressions or waiting for mockups.
  • There is less dental anxiety once the patient has seen their virtual smile and they know what to expect.
  • The patient gets the most for their time and money. Because the patient is a part of the treatment planning, they get exactly the smile they want with the procedures they can afford.

To schedule your digital smile design appointment, contact our office in Sandy Springs near Brookhaven in Atlanta today. We look forward to showing you what’s in store for your smile!


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