Don’t let the Holiday Hoopla Damage your Smile!

bruxism atlanta ga Teeth grinding is something that a lot of people do. Usually, they do not know that they engage in the habit of bruxism, which also includes clenching the jaw (because they do it when asleep). And we would usually not put teeth grinding and the holidays into the same category at all, let alone the same sentence. However, because one of the major factors in bruxism is stress, and one of the major factors in stress is the holidays, the connection between the two seems pretty clear to us. In this post, we will discuss how you can make it through the holidays with minimal risk for grinding and clenching.

Don’t let Stress Crash the Party

The entire month of December, for many people, is like one perpetual party. Meetings with friends, festivities at work and at home, decorating, baking, and all that shopping can bring us face to face with all the joys of the season. At some point during all of the busyness, one needs to rest. Rest is what enables us to recoup and keep up the busy pace. And yet, rest and relaxation seems to be the first thing we sideline when we are busy. During this holiday season, remember to sit quietly and watch the changing weather. Take a walk, or listen to music, or sip tea from your favorite seat in the house. Whatever you do to mitigate stress during the day will pay off at night – hopefully keeping you from grinding and clenching.

Keep up with Healthy Habits

One of the primary ways that we keep up with the hectic pace of the holidays is to consume more caffeine. Doing so might give you an hour more pep in your step, but drinking caffeinated beverages in the afternoon and evening also stimulates the subconscious, which could kick in to overdrive during sleep, causing you to clench and grind your teeth. Alcohol, as well, has a tendency to first have a sedative effect, and then a stimulating one, which could lead to restless sleep and bruxism.

Schedule A Consultation

The team at Flax Dental wishes you and your family a joy filled holiday season. Contact us at (404) 255-9080 for any pre- or post-holiday dental care you need to look and feel your best.

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