Find out what dental veneers can (and can’t) do for you

Porcelain Veneers | Flax Dental Atlanta GAIf you think, “thin covering” when you hear the word “veneer,” you’re half way to understanding the purpose of dental veneers. But when it comes to healthy teeth and an attractive smile, they’re so much more. Here’s what you should know about this dental solution that could be just what your teeth need.

Introducing the dental veneer

As its name implies, a dental veneer is a thin layer (of porcelain) used to replace, and improve the appearance of, your tooth enamel. Porcelain is used because it is a material that can give veneers strength, luminosity, durability and resistance to attack from the cavity-causing acids in the mouth. Dental porcelain is actually a particular type, used by dental technicians to create biocompatible, natural appearing crowns, bridges and veneers.

Porcelain veneers are a popular and effective form of tooth restoration, but as with any dental procedure, it’s best for some situations and has it limitations:

Veneers can:

  • Close small to medium spaces between front teeth
  • Improve imperfections in tooth position, such as slight rotation
  • Improve tooth color
  • Improve tooth shape
  • Correct minor bite related problems
  • Repair cracked teeth
  • Repair teeth worn down from grinding (bruxism)

Veneers cannot:

  • Straighten teeth that require braces
  • Improve serious bite problems
  • Improve serious profile problems

Veneers are known for their natural, only better, appearance and durability

With consistent, quality care, veneers can last anywhere from seven to 20 years, and some people have reported that they’ve lasted even longer.

  • Issues that affect your gums and teeth can affect veneers
  • If a veneer falls off, it can usually be re-bonded
  • Veneers are stronger than natural teeth, but can become chipped or damaged
  • They don’t stain, but the tooth structure underneath can darken with age and from staining, which can affect the look of the veneer
  • Veneers are usually shaded lighter than existing teeth
  • Existing teeth can be whitened to better match veneer

Get more information about veneers

We welcome all of your questions about dental procedures that may be new to you. So feel free to call us or make an appointment for a consultation today: (404) 255-9080.


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