Finding Cavities Made Easier with CariVu

For many people, a cavity can go undetected until it is spotted on an x-ray by your dentist.

Dentists are now able to use a different technology to detect cavities (also known as “caries”) and it does not require radiation. This technology is known as the CariVu.

What is CariVu?

CariVu is a high tech dental device that has revolutionized cavity detection. It allows us to see through teeth by making the enamel translucent under the light. This device helps us detect occlusal, cavities, and cracks.

Dr. Flax is always looking to provide his patients with the best experience by utilizing the latest dental technology. It is with great excitement we announce that our office is using the Dexis Carivu X-ray technology.

What are the benefits of CariVu?

X-rays have traditionally been used to detect cavities and other dental problems. When comparing x-rays to CariVu, the new technology provides a detailed image of the tooth and detects cavities as well as lesions very early before they become progressively worse. The system does not use radiation since it uses near-infrared light. The procedure can be done very quickly without much additional support or materials needed.

Unlike fluorescent imaging technologies, the CariVu does not require teeth cleaning or complex measurement metrics, resulting in a more efficient and streamlined process and experience for both Dr. Flax and his clients.

Additionally, the CariVu technology allows images to be stored for easy comparison so tracking potential problems is much easier and provides quick comparison.

Providing our patients the most advanced and accurate technologies possible is a key ingredient, along with providing excellent customer service, to insure your experiences in our office are positive and productive. You are invited to contact our office to arrange an appointment to learn more about the technologies we offer, including the high tech CariVu option.

Nearly 30 Years of Dental Expertise

Dr. Hugh Flax | Flax Dental Atlanta GADr. Hugh Flax has a passion for practicing dentistry. He takes great pleasure in changing patients’ lives through their smiles. He received his degree in dentistry at Emory University and began Flax Dental in 1987. Outside the office, Dr. Flax loves music, New Orleans, traveling and more music. Follow Flax Dental on Twitter and Facebook.

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