For a Brighter Smile, Do This!

Teeth Whitening | Atlanta, GATeeth whitening has maintained a stellar reputation throughout its history within cosmetic dentistry. In fact, the strong desire that most people share a radiant smile has brought about a substantial amount of commercial methods for correcting discoloration. Patients of Atlanta accredited cosmetic dentist Dr. Flax benefit from an extraordinarily high level of training, as well as ongoing support for a bright and healthy smile.

When you want a great smile, there are certain things that you do, and certain things that you try not to do – at least not very often. Here, we will dive into a few suggestions to optimize your new smile!

Do’s and Don’ts After Teeth Whitening


  • Obtain the right type of care. Unless you have only mild discoloration that you know has come from your food and beverage choices, home whitening is not for you. Professional whitening gets the job done faster. A consultation with your cosmetic dentist also enables you to know if whitening is the right path at all. Some stains are inside the tooth and will require the use of porcelain veneers to disguise the problem.
  • Build strong enamel through healthy food choices. Enamel is filled with minerals, which facilitate brightness. Minerals are leached from enamel when we chew, and by certain foods and conditions, so we must be active in our efforts to rebuild tooth matter.
  • Attend to the issue of dry mouth. Saliva is the primary source of minerals for enamel. You do not want your saliva to decrease, nor become too acidic. Talk with us about dry mouth and how you can address this problem.


The following points are suggestions for patients to follow in the first 2 days after teeth whitening:

  • Eat or drink highly acidic foods and beverages. These include citrus fruits and juices, vinegar dressings, and soda or carbonated beverages. Teeth are somewhat vulnerable after teeth whitening due to the openness of pores. The acidity will degrade enamel.
  • Eat or drink foods that are highly staining. Certain foods are going to stain your teeth. Period. Chips with cheesy powder, wine, coffee, tea, berries or beets. These are foods that are associated with tooth discoloration more often than not. When pores are more open, molecules can slip on in and mitigate the work being done by the whitening agent.
  • Use tobacco products. This is a tip to consider not only right after teeth whitening but any other time, as well.

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