Cases in Veneers & Crowns

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Worn Front Teeth

November 22, 2015
by Flax Dental

Jessica wanted to improve the appearance of her worn front teeth. She was planning a wedding for one of our patients, so efficiency was critical. A laser gum lift was done with whitening, veneers and dental bonding.

“Grown Up” Smile

by Flax Dental

Julie was getting married and she was ready for a “grown up” smile to correct the small sizing and spaces. Teeth whitening and some porcelain veneers was all it took to give her the smile she was after.

Brighter, More Youthful Smile

by Flax Dental

Ann was unhappy with her mismatched smile. She wanted a brighter, more youthful look. Using the laser, the gum line was evened out. Existing restorations were replaced with matching all porcelain crowns and veneers. View Patient Testimonial

Perfect Ten Smile

by Flax Dental

Michelle came to us for laser dentistry for her children. When she saw the photos of our patients, she wanted her smile to be a perfect ten, whiter, even, and symmetrical. Careful planning was done to even the gum line with the laser. Her 10 upper teeth were whitened and porcelain veneers were used to…

Chipping & Breaking Front Teeth

by Flax Dental

Kevin was frustrated with his front teeth that were chipping and breaking. He never found any satisfaction at other dental offices. He was ready to get his smile back. The bite muscles were relaxed and the bite was balanced. Porcelain veneers were used to rebuild the fractured teeth with porcelain veneers. Sedation dentistry was also…

Bunny Smile

by Flax Dental

Patient wanted to close the space in her front teeth because she felt she looked like a bunny. She moved forward with Invisalign treatment, teeth whitening, a laser frenectomy, as well as six new porcelain veneers to achieve this beautiful new look. View Patient Testimonial

Broken Tooth #7

by Flax Dental

When tooth #7 broke at the gum line on a Saturday night, this patient was mortified. The tooth had a 25 year old root canal treatment, as well as a porcelain-fused-to-metal crown that the patient hated due to metal showing at the gum line. Dr. Flax created a temporary tooth replacement to address the immediate…

Smile for son’s wedding

by Flax Dental

This patient wanted a pretty smile for her son’s wedding. She was unhappy with how her gums looked around previous crowns and bonding. We performed custom teeth whitening and a laser gum lift on the front gums. Dr. Flax removed previous bonding and crowns, and replaced them with seven veneers and give porcelain crowns. A…

“Hollywood” Smile

by Flax Dental

This patient always wanted a “Hollywood” smile. A front tooth was darker from a previous root canal treatment. So her smile was whitened for a dramatic new look. Crest whitening strips weren’t working and since color was her main concern, Dr. Flax provided custom tray whitening treatment, along with new veneers and crowns on the…

Bite Balance

by Flax Dental

Sedation dentistry was used during this full mouth restoration. Dr. Flax used porcelain veneers and crowns to create this beautiful, white smile. Ten porcelain veneers were used, as well as bite balancing for this beautiful restoration. View Patient Testimonial View Patient Video


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