Help please! Looking for a holistic remedy for bad breath!

I am so embarrassed to be writing this even though you don’t know who I am.  I started to think my breath stinks so I asked my boyfriend. Well, at least he was honest. But how terribly mortifying to hear that it has been like this for months. He said he didn’t know how to tell me, but was glad I asked. Are you kidding me?

At my recent dentist appointment, he mentioned getting a deep cleaning. What is that? I thought I have pretty good oral health and I have never had issues with bad breath before. Would a holistic dentist have a better solution? Or are there any home remedies for bad breath?

– Kendra in Oregon


A holistic dentist will likely have an alternative to deep cleaning. But if the dentist did recommend getting one done at your last cleaning, there is likely a reason for it. Has it been a year or more since your last cleaning? Or did he mention anything about gum disease? Bad breath can be caused by bacteria or plaque build up which often occurs when it’s been too long since the last dental visit. This may require some more extensive time with the dental hygienist.

A holistic or natural dentist will probably inquire about your dietary practices. They would be interested in ruling any possible dietary causes. Their holistic perspective treats the total body and they will be more inclined to investigate if there was another area of the body that would be the culprit, aside from the mouth.

As far as home care, the more water you can drink the better. And regular brushing and flossing will help manage the odor-causing bacteria that can attribute to stinky breath. A tongue scraper may also be helpful. It also is worth mentioning that people with bad breath often turn to mouthwash to help manage it. But you need to avoid mouthwash that contains alcohol because it can dry out the gum and get rid of the good bacteria needed for a healthy mouth.

So if you are adamantly against the deep cleaning for one reason or another, a holistic dentist may be right for you. Don’t be embarrassed! It’s important to determine the cause to prevent it moving forward though. Good luck!

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