A holistic dentistry approach for orthodontics

Our dentist has given us a referral to a local orthodontist. After that first appointment, of course, he wanted to do braces. But my son is extremely allergic to nickel. So I was asking him if Invisalign was a possibility. He told me that my son isn’t an Invisalign candidate and suggested ceramic braces. Deep down, I am just not comfortable having anyone place any kind of metal in my son’s mouth. Do you think seeing a holistic dentist would be wise in our case? Maybe they would have a more natural alternative.

– Becky in Nevada


As a parent, you have to be a strong advocate for your son. So it is completely understandable that you would be interested in meeting with a holistic dentist to explore your options. A holistic or natural dentist would likely have a different perspective in correcting your son’s teeth. It sounds like the nickel allergy is the main concern and a holistic-minded dentist may be able to perform additional tests for other intolerances with metals and toxins in the dental products and materials. With that information, they would be able to recommend the right treatment for your son.

Expanders may be a possibility and of course Invisalign is metal-free. But if the original dentist expressed that your son isn’t an Invisalign candidate, there is likely a clinical reason for that opinion. So it may truly not be an option.

Although, seeing a holistic orthodontist would be beneficial to, at the very least, seek a second opinion. A biological dentist will look past the cosmetic dentistry issues and really dig into how and why the misalignment is occurring. It definitely cannot hurt. A holistic approach to dentistry is becoming increasingly popular as people become more educated on precisely what is being placed in their mouths and bodies.

Thank you for your question and good luck!

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