I want bright white teeth. I’m talking ultra white teeth, as white as possible. I want my teeth to be seen across the room. I have talked to a couple dentists that have been recommending porcelain veneers. But are porcelain veneers the best option to get my teeth as white as possible?

– Pam in Texas


The short answer is yes, porcelain veneers will get your whitest teeth. If you are on the quest for brilliant white teeth, it can be assumed you have looked into other teeth whitening options. Bleaching will definitely improve the appearance and whiten teeth by removing surface stains. But the whiteness will fade over time as your teeth begin to pick up stains again. You can of course continue whitening, but you will only be able to achieve a certain level of whiteness.

Porcelain veneers are applied to the surface of your teeth and they are highly stain resistant. So you can work with your cosmetic dentist on selecting the whitest shade possible. But keep in mind, although you want to be seen in a crowd with your pearly whites, it’s important to try to achieve a natural look. That is what a cosmetic dentist excels at. Matching the right smile design to your complexion, facial features, personality, etc.

The application process requires removal of a tiny portion of your tooth enamel to ensure a perfect fit. So just be sure you are completely confident you want to move forward because they are a permanent solution.

Communication with your dentist is key. Yes you want “ultra” white teeth, but do heed the advice of the cosmetic dentist. You don’t want to stand out in a crowd for the wrong reasons. Glow in the dark white can be unattractive. Good luck!

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