Is my cosmetic dentist being cheap because he won’t do Lumineers?

I went into my dentist (who is supposed to be this spectacular cosmetic dentist) to get Lumineers. My friend loves hers and I want to do the same. When I talked to this dentist he adamantly refused to do Lumineers. He said he just doesn’t offer them, but he uses a similar process. He keeps telling me they will end up beautiful, but I don’t want some generic smile. If I’m going to get a smile makeover I want the best. If I offer to give him more money do you think he will be willing to spring from the real brand name?

– Leslie in North Carolina


Lumineers are a very popular brand of porcelain veneers. This is largely due to the advertising and marketing efforts of the company that manufactures them. It is understandable that you want the best possible smile makeover. But there are a couple of reasons that your cosmetic dentist may not do Lumineers.

You may be surprised to realize it has nothing to do with the cost. The answer may be as simple as you aren’t candidate for them based on your teeth. But it is more likely that if you cosmetic dentist is highly skilled, like you mention he is, he probably prefers using another brand.

Many excellent cosmetic dentists refuse to place Lumineers. This mainly has to do with the laboratory requirements of the Lumineers company, Den-Mat. It requires that they be manufactured at their facility. Many cosmetic dentist prefer to use their own lab. The Den-Mat lab is a huge facility and many dentists feel the end result turns out chalky, bulky, and opaque. When a cosmetic dentist uses his or her own ceramist they are able to personalize the look to give you exactly what you are trying to achieve.

Instead of making assumptions, simply sit down and have a conversation about what types of porcelain veneers this particular dentist prefers. It is much better to select an expert cosmetic dentist to get beautiful results, than it is to go into a dentist purely because they offer Lumineers.

PS – Offering him some extra cash will not alter his opinion of Lumineers. So save yourself the embarrassment and just ask for more information. Good luck!

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