Is your smile working for you? Here’s how it can.

Dental MakeoverWhen you hear the words, “make over,” you might picture a new haircut or color or even cosmetic plastic surgery, where a person has various procedures to improve their appearance from head to toe. But there’s another kind of makeover that involves one of the smallest, but most important, areas of the body – your mouth.

Or more specifically, your smile.

The smile is considered the first thing that others notice about you

But if you have to cover yours up due to stained, decayed, crooked or missing teeth, it can make you unhappy and even socially isolated. Discover how a dental makeover can uncover the attractive smile you were meant to have.

Improve your appearance and get your teeth in proper working order

Modern dental tools, techniques and materials can make it possible to change the shape, size and color of your existing teeth. Your dentist can give you natural looking tooth implants to replace missing teeth or veneers to improve the teeth you were born with. Simply put, your dentist can really make your smile.

Teeth bleaching

This procedure has been around for decades, but today it’s easier and more effective than ever. But tooth whitening can be just the beginning of your rejuvenated smile.

Gum contouring

The dentist will study how your lips frame your teeth, especially when you smile. If he sees too much gum and not enough of your teeth, or too much tooth and not enough gum, he can do procedures that can balance the ratio.

Tooth shaping

You dentist can lengthen, smooth or reshape your front teeth by bonding porcelain veneers or crowns to your natural teeth.

Dental implants can be a transformative solution for replacing one of more missing teeth. They look, feel, and function just like natural teeth and are a permanent alternative to dentures.

Let’s discuss your makeover
We can help you have a smile that you will be proud to show – and teeth that do their job. Call us for a consultation appointment today and find out which procedures might be right for you: Call: (404) 255-9080

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