It’s Q & A Time!

Cosmetic Dentistry | Atlanta GAUsually, we think of Q & A as a time for patients to ask us questions. Today, we are turning the table. We want to let you see how much you know about a few common dental conditions or procedures! Take our short quiz to assess your Dental IQ.

What is your Dental IQ? True or False

  1. CEREC crowns are time-saving and nothing more.

False. The marketing on CEREC crowns has, for some time, focused on the fact that treatment is completed in one visit. However, there are other valuable aspects of this restorative treatment that you need to know. To make a CEREC crown, we only need digital images, which means you don’t have to sit through messy impressions. Also, the ceramic material of this metal-free crown is biologically friendly and durable enough to last several years.

  1. Sports drinks can damage your teeth as much as soda.

True. This is an important point of interest for parents who provide sports drinks to their children as an alternative to soda. According to one study, when one sports drink is consumed each day, it only takes 7 days for enamel erosion to occur. This is due to acidic ingredients and the high concentration thereof. If you or your children consume sports drinks or soda, rinse your mouth with water to mitigate acid-washing.

  1. A toothache is not a dental emergency.

False. If you believe this assumption, you may be surprised to hear that tooth pain is one of the most common reasons that patients cite for scheduling an urgent dental visit. It is easy to overlook some of the subtle signs of decay or infection, such as mild sensitivity or a bit of pain when you eat or drink something warm or cold. These early warning signs can save you from progressive pain, so listen to them.

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