I’ve heard a holistic dentist can heal a tooth. Is that correct?

I have heard that there are practices out there that promote self healing dental care. I have been waiting for one of my teeth to heal for many months now. I don’t think much has happened. It’s not worse but I don’t know how to tell if it has truly healed? I really don’t want to put chemicals or mercury in my body to fill the cavity. Do you think a holistic dentist can help heal my tooth? Maybe they would have some nutritional advice to help it re-generate. I have heard of people having success without having to get treatment. Maybe I’m doing something wrong? What do you think?

– Bill in New Mexico


This holistic dentistry approach is becoming a popular topic. But to be honest and upfront, there are no reputable sources that support a cavity healing on its own. There is no nutritional regimen or supplement that will do the trick either. That’s the thing with the internet. Anyone can put information out there and it can easily be perceived as truth.

A holistic dentist may use naturalistic dental techniques in their practices. For example, they will likely be a mercury-free dentist, in some cases BPA-free, and they also take a total-body approach to dental care. But that doesn’t mean they will support your self-healing claim.

You may have come across information regarding tooth regeneration during your research. Although, that is based on stem cell research and not nutrition. That said, the stem cell research is still very much in the preliminary stages of testing and studies.

Again, a natural dentist will be understanding of your holistic concerns. They can remove old amalgam (mercury-containing) fillings and can explain how to best protect yourself naturally moving forward.

It really isn’t in your best interest to continue on your quest to self heal your tooth. If you don’t have the cavity treated, the decay will continue to progress. And if you continue to forgo treatment, a root canal may be required down the road to save it. So it is better to treat the need while it is just a small cavity. The treatment will be much less invasive and much more affordable, the sooner you go to the dentist.

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