How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions In 2015

Only a few more short hours until we’re living in 2015!  I bet you’re all so excited for a fresh new start, a wonderful beginning, and you’re ready to conquer all of your New Year’s resolutions. Well, before you get cracking on your long list of things you will accomplish this year, hear us out.


The Facts

According to a U.S government survey, the top resolutions of the year are to lose weight, become more organized and save more money. The survey also showed that only 8 percent of the population succeeds in following through with these resolutions.

Fitness expert Ali Holman says that instead of try to set a massive goal of losing 30 pounds in one year, try setting a more realistic goal for yourself, like going to the gym at least three times a week. Something manageable that will not overwhelm you or scare you away.


A Few Tips

I bet you want to actually have a year where you can maintain your New Year’s resolution for more than a week, right? Here are some tips as to how you can move your goals and resolutions into reality.


Firstly, you need to manage your expectations. If you try to reach for the sky all at once, you most likely fall down fast.  Most New Year’s resolutions don’t even make it to the end of January because of this reason. We need to learn to be realistic, aim for growth, and change in a way that is sustainable. The issue with New Year’s resolutions, is that rather than making a list of realistic goals, people tend to write down wishes that are more of a fantasy rather than reality.


Remember that goals will not be accomplished in a linear manner and it doesn’t help you to reach your goal by overwhelming yourself with an aim that is based on perfectionism.


Set goals that are more realistic and not based on living that ‘perfect life.’  It simply will not happen. Once you straighten out your vision of what you want, remember to stay focused and keep at it, and try to find others who are also working towards a vision and be each other’s support group. When you surround yourself with people who all want the same thing, it can help to make the process a whole lot easier on yourself.


Help Yourself Stay On Track

There are hundreds of thousands of smartphone apps you can download these days. Why not use some of them to your advantage? There are a few apps that specifically caught our attention that may just be the motivation you need to get your 2015 resolution going.


This first app is called Life. If you’re struggling to find what your New Year’s resolution should be, then this is the app for you. This app offers a menu of self-improvement goals and it also offers a plethora of coaches for you to work with one-on-one for $15 a week. They will help you to stay on track and do whatever it is you need to do.


The second one we found is called Workflow. This app is great if you’re a multitasker on your phone.  For example, opening up your calendar to find a specific date, then launching open your maps to find a location, then texting someone an address. This can all take a bit of time and takes up unnecessary time. This app will create shortcuts for you and provides ready-made work flows for copying and pasting or texting someone, leaving you more room to not be on your phone and to work on your new years resolution.


Lastly, this app is called Hours and is a great way to track how much time you’ve spent on your goals. Seeing your hard work in numbers on your phone may be exactly the motivation you need to keep at it.


You Can Do It

Whatever your resolution may be, we wish you the best of luck. Remember to set a goal that is realistic for yourself, and don’t neglect it after a week. Bad habits take quite some time to break, and creating new good habits take just as long. Have a wonderful New Years with your loved ones! Let’s conquer 2015, shall we?


dentist-atlanta-meet-the-drDr. Hugh Flax has a passion for practicing dentistry. He takes great pleasure in changing patients’ lives through their smiles. He received his degree in dentistry at Emory University and began Flax Dental in 1987. Outside the office, Dr. Flax loves music, New Orleans, traveling and more music. Follow Flax Dental on Twitter and Facebook.





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