Keep your teeth where they belong

Anyone who has ever had a retainer, or had kids with retainers, knows they can cause a lot of excitement. That’s because unless they are installed as permanent retainers, they can be easy to lose. It’s not just the stuff of movie comedy to be digging through the trash or accusing the dog when a retainer suddenly is discovered missing.

And unfortunately, for one reason or another, most people will lose their retainers, probably more than once. And it can actually be a more common occurrence for adults. Even if we established good habits as kids and teens, when the retainer goes missing in adulthood, we might not realize that replacing it should be a priority.

Retainers are intended to be worn nightly, to help keep your teeth in place after braces. And to do that important job, a retainer has to be worn for life. Yes, you can skip a night once in awhile, but to keep your teeth from shifting, you have to be fairly consistent.

If your teeth have already shifted
retainersEven if you had traditional metal braces as a kid, you may be aware of Invisalign, a method that straightens teeth using clear, removable aligners. Invisalign Express is a new product from the same company, designed to straighten teeth faster — for the right candidates. This technique can work well for patients who had braces in the past, but their teeth have shifted due to not wearing their retainers.

If your problem is grinding
A recent study revealed that about eight percent of us have bruxism, meaning we grind and clench our teeth, mostly while sleeping. Over time, pressure from grinding can damage your teeth and also move them out of place. Your dentist can make you a custom-fitted mouth guard to protect your teeth, and it may even suffice for holding your teeth in place when rotated with your retainer.

We can help you straighten it out
Make sure your teeth are protected and staying where they belong by seeing your dentist for a consultation. Make your appointment today by calling: (404) 255-9080.

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