Keeping your teeth healthy is more interesting than ever

Brushing and flossing our teeth might be something we literally do with our eyes closed – these important health care habits are often the first things we do in the morning and the last things we do at night. But just because our oral care is practically on autopilot, it doesn’t mean the important tools of the trade don’t keep changing and improving, making the whole process better – and more interesting.

Here’s what happening with the humble toothbrush —

You can handle it

Toothbrushes with adapted handles and specialty grips are being custom made to better meet the needs of people with any permanent or temporary problems with dexterity, including difficulty griping small objects.

It’s electric

A good alternative to a manual toothbrush is an electric one. They can do a better job eliminating bacteria and reducing plaque and gum disease, and they’re easier to use for people with physical limitations.

Nice curves

toothbrushA Collis Curve is a toothbrush specially designed with curved bristles to surround the tooth. This allows both the inside and outside surfaces of the teeth to be brushed simultaneously.

Clean between your teeth, your way –

No contact floss

Get your floss pre-installed inside a head on a handle and you don’t have to wrap the string around your fingers, something that many people have trouble with. This can make flossing easier for seniors and children alike. Floss handles come in a variety of shapes and sizes, all with floss attached. Some are reusable, others are intended for single use.

Tiny tools, big results

Interdental brushes have larger handles and small cylindrical brush heads that fit between the teeth to clear food particles and bacteria; interdental tips are made of rubber or plastic, attached to a handle and able to fit between the teeth; interdental tooth cleaners are soft toothpicks that that come in a variety of materials and sizes. All these devices are good for your oral care, effectively massaging the gum line and between the teeth to remove debris.

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