Learned the hard way. Need to find the best dentist for porcelain veneers.

Some lessons are hard to learn. I have been to the same dentist my whole life. So when I told him about a couple things I wanted to have fixed with my smile, he told me that porcelain veneers would be the best thing. I went for it, hook line and sinker. But what he didn’t tell me is that he wasn’t the most experienced. My veneers look fake. There is no way to sugar coat it. I went back in and he adjusted the color and re-shaped them, but I think they look silly. I feel embarrassed since we have so much history, but I need to find a  dentist that knows how to do porcelain veneers better. Please help me figure this out!

– Leslie in Alabama


So, so sorry to hear you have had a negative experience with your porcelain veneers. It is understandable that you trusted the opinion of your long-time dentist. But the truth of the matter is, not just any dentist can do beautiful porcelain veneers. In order to find the best dentist for this type of work in your area, you need to do some legwork.

Cosmetic dentistry is an art. But it’s not a regulated field within dentistry, so any dentist can claim to do cosmetic dentistry and provide the treatment. Unfortunately, as you have experienced, beautiful, life-like veneers are no easy task. Beautiful cosmetic dentistry requires extensive advanced training beyond dental school. Think of it this way. General dentists are trained to fix things. Cosmetic dentistry is a passion, one that involves creating beauty. These are two fundamentally different approaches and unless a dentist has mastered the bonding technologies and techniques to do beautiful work, their work will fall flat.

Start searching for expert cosmetic dentists. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry is an organization that trains and recognizes the best dentists in the country. If a dentist is affiliated or accredited with the AACD, it doesn’t guarantee their work, but it does indeed validate their credentials. Also, ask to see specific examples and portfolios of work similar to your case. Ask if the dentist has ever corrected another dentist’s work. Also, don’t be afraid to ask to talk with other patients that have had porcelain veneers. A little work upfront will help ensure you end up with the beautiful smile you deserve.

The best cosmetic dentists will consider their work a failure unless you absolutely love it. Many practices offer some sort of “beautiful smile guarantee” which means you will have several opportunities to see what your new smile will look like before it is bonded. Ask about this. Some dentists will go as far as to send the veneers back to the ceramist until you are 110% satisfied. Good luck to you!

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