Maintain Comfort as you Whiten your Teeth

teeth whiteningHaving great teeth means having the freedom to smile confidently. You may have teeth that are in great health, and that are in a beautiful line; but if those teeth are discolored or dull, your desire to show them may be diminished. Many people suffer from discoloration of their teeth. It’s a common problem that has long been associated with age. If you’re older, you have yellow teeth; it’s that simple. What that also means though is that, if you have yellow teeth, you must be older.

Keeping the pearly whites in brilliant condition is so easy that we don’t know why everyone isn’t doing it! The primary reason that we hear from patients (as they ask us about whitening their teeth) is because there is a concern about sensitivity. Let’s take a look at this in greater depth.

The Sensitive Matter of Teeth Whitening
You know that you have pores in your skin. Did you also know that you have pores in your teeth? When you look in the mirror, chances are you won’t see them. What you see is the hard outer shell of teeth, the enamel. On this outer layer of material are microscopic openings into which tiny molecules of debris bypass the surface. As more and more debris settles in the pores of enamel, discoloration progresses. To reach these molecules, precisely concentrated peroxide is applied to teeth. As a result of absorption, though, blood flow to the core of teeth increases, thus building pressure around the nerves. More pressure means more sensitivity.

Getting the brilliant smile you want shouldn’t be a painful process. Whether you have sensitive teeth prior to whitening, or you want to minimize the risk of sensitivity during your smile makeover, there are ways in which this can be done.

  • Acidity is one of the primary causes of sensitive teeth, because the more acidic the mouth is, the more quickly enamel wears down. Decreasing acidity may look like swapping a morning cup of coffee for tea, limiting soda intake, or cutting acidic beverages from the daily routine altogether – at least until your teeth whitening treatment is complete.
  • Acidity can also be minimized with water. If you conduct teeth whitening treatment at home, you can do a lukewarm rinse after each treatment. Depending on the extent of sensitivity, you may also consider using a pH balancing oral rinse or alkalized water to reduce acidity.
  • Sensitivity may also be reduced with specially formulated toothpastes that soothe irritation and remineralize enamel.

Get a great smile with comfortable, safe teeth whitening from your Atlanta dentist. Call Flax Dental for your consultation.

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