You may be Closer to a Better Smile than you think!

cosmetic dentistry atlanta | beautiful smile atlanta georgiaAh, a beautiful smile! When our teeth are in line, and they look bright and shiny, we tend to feel pretty darn good about our appearance. As we have learned through multiple research projects, feeling good about the appearance of the smile, in particular, can have a positive effect on just about every facet of life. This is only in part due to the increase in confidence that comes from physical beauty.

What an attractive smile tells others

Research also points out that an attractive smile tells others that we can be trusted, that we are sincere and friendly, and even that we are successful and popular. Who wouldn’t want to be around this person? Who wouldn’t want to be this person?

The team at Flax Dental performs numerous cosmetic dental treatments. We routinely hear from patients that they would like to fix this or that about their smile. Another thing we hear a lot is a perception of complexity related to making the smile look better. While there are certainly cases that could take months to complete, these are relatively uncommon. In many situations, we are able to enhance the appearance of teeth in a single visit. Here’s how your smile could look better after one visit with us.

Tooth-colored Fillings

Historically, cavities have been repaired with dental amalgam. This common filling material is a mix of several metals and mercury. Initially, an amalgam filling appears silver. However, the oxidative process that occurs over time eventually turns the filling very dark. The alternative that our patients choose is composite tooth-colored fillings. Using this method, we match the shade of the composite to surrounding enamel, virtually hiding the restoration in the tooth.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a direct veneer treatment that is conducted in our Atlanta office without the need for impressions, a dental lab, or temporaries. Dental bonding can disguise minor flaws such as a chip on a front tooth, or a small area of discoloration. Using painstaking technique, experienced cosmetic dentist, Dr. Hugh Flax, can recreate the natural characteristics of enamel using composite resin.

Teeth whitening

There are several ways that tooth discoloration can be mitigated nowadays. Patients of Flax Dental may still choose to perform whitening over several days time. However, there is also the opportunity to affordably enhance the appearance of the smile in just one visit. We use the Zoom! Whitening System to break up the tiny molecules that settle in enamel, restoring brilliance in just about an hour.

Schedule a consultation

From bonding to teeth whitening to veneers and implants, we offer the services you need to feel great about your smile. Call our Atlanta office for your consultation at (404) 255-9080!

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