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Need a Crown? Here’s why you may want to Look at CEREC!

Needing a crown used to mean at least a couple of visits to the dental office. Now, patients are able to streamline their restoration process, all thanks to the innovative technology we know as CEREC. What is CEREC? CEREC, or CEramic REconstruction, is essentially a method of tooth repair that involves innovative CAD/CAM technology. It’s…

You may be Closer to a Better Smile than you think!

Ah, a beautiful smile! When our teeth are in line, and they look bright and shiny, we tend to feel pretty darn good about our appearance. As we have learned through multiple research projects, feeling good about the appearance of the smile, in particular, can have a positive effect on just about every facet of…

Getting to the Heart of Gum Disease Prevention

What is Gum Disease? Gum disease. We’ve all heard about it. Most of us know that it could cause our gums to bleed. Some may even recognize gum disease as a factor in the problem of bad breath. There is so much more to this prevalent oral condition. Not only is it the leading cause…

Maintain Comfort as you Whiten your Teeth

Having great teeth means having the freedom to smile confidently. You may have teeth that are in great health, and that are in a beautiful line; but if those teeth are discolored or dull, your desire to show them may be diminished. Many people suffer from discoloration of their teeth. It’s a common problem that…

Straight Talk: Investigating the Benefits of Invisalign

Would you like for your teeth to get in line so you can feel better about your smile? Is misalignment causing you to struggle with dental problems? Have you been avoiding making the call to talk with your dentist about your concerns, even though you want something to change? Don’t feel bad if this is…

Delving in to the Topic of Cosmetic Dentistry

The phrase “cosmetic dentistry” is so common today, liberally sprinkled into just about every ad or social media post developed by dental offices around the world. Because of this, it is oh so easy to assume that this niche is one of the nine specialties recognized by the American Dental Association. Not so! But does…

Key Reasons to Consider Porcelain Veneers

One of the first cosmetic dental treatments people think of when they want to improve their smile is teeth whitening. However, discoloration is just one of many ways that the value of your smile can break down. At Flax Dental, patients can find solutions to their cosmetic concerns with an experienced team that relies on…

When it comes to missing teeth, you have options

Even with all the techniques that dentists have to repair our teeth, many of us will still lose one or more teeth in our lifetimes, usually due to: Cavities Gum disease Injuries And for most of us, living with a missing tooth isn’t a long-term option as it can make chewing and speaking difficult. Equally…

Test your tooth care knowledge

Let’s start right out with a question: a recent survey conducted among single people revealed the body part deemed most important when considering potential dates and mates. Do you know what it is? Answer: Teeth are one of the first things other people notice about you Your teeth (and your smile) could be helping or…

Dr. Flax New Location Announcement

Dr. Flax is excited to announce that after 20 years they are moving to a newly renovated office! On 06/01/2016 they will be official open in 5673 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd, Suite 430, Atlanta, GA, 30342.


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