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Photoshoot a Glamorous Success

On a regular basis, we enjoy celebrating our patients’ success with a special reward- an individualized photoshoot.  In February, we “kicked it up a notch” with a professional photographer and makeup artist that used on location at the Fulton Cotton Mill. Everyone had a fabulous time! As a matter of fact, one of our patient’s…

Locks of Love from Brenna Flax

Two weeks ago, Dr. Flax’s daughter Brenna generously donated a foot of her hair to help pediatric cancer patients who lost their own hair from chemotherapy treatments. He and  her mother, Robyn (a cancer survivor) are very proud parents.

Dr. Flax Teaches Laser Cosmetic Dentistry

On March 4, Dr. Flax taught a class of 300 on his ‘10 secrets” of laser gum sculpting that he has pioneered and taught over the last 3 years. Combining this technique with award winning smile design has made him a well sought after dentist and lecturer. That same day, he received a special award…

Dr. Flax Inducted into Honorary Society

vThe PFA seeks to support the highest ideals of dentistry throughout the world in both ethical and moral practice through service to the community, country, and profession. There are only 200 members in the state of Georgia. We are proud of Dr. Flax as he continues leading the profession to new heights.


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