Natural denitstry or holistic method to treat a dry socket.

I am a holistically-minded person through and through. Well, the other day I had to bet a tooth pulled. Today, my whole face hurts! My entire jaw is throbbing and I don’t know how much longer I can take the pain. But I’m still not willing to sacrifice my commitment to natural and holistic dentistry techniques. I came across something that recommended clove oil for a dry socket. Does that sound like a good plan?

– Arielle in Washington


You can fine clove oil to treat and kill germs back to 600 AD in China. Many naturalistic practitioners recommend clove oil in their regular treatments. Many studies indicate it as a natural remedy for numbing and killing bacteria. So in your hunt for a holistic dentistry technique, it may help to take the edge off of your pain. One study by a reputable Dental Journal suggests that clove oil actually works as well as benzocaine for pain.

There is one problem that this approach doesn’t take into consideration and that is the fact that it would be hiding the symptoms. Everyone wants to get out of pain, yet the source of the pain is what needs to be the focus. Until the problem is taken care of, you will have pain.

It would be good to call the dentist back that performed the extraction and explain your symptoms. You very well could be experiencing a dry socket, yet sometimes that condition takes a bit longer to develop. You need to be evaluated to see what the real source of the problem is. It would be best to see the original dentist. Or you can search for a natural dentist or a holistic dentist if you wanted to try and pursue treatment that better aligns with your holistic lifestyle. A professional will be able to recognize the real issue and reduce healing times, as well as make recommendations for the pain and swelling.

Don’t put it off though. The longer you wait to be treated, the worse the diagnosis could potentially get.

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