Need a Bridge? Explore How to Maximize Your Results!

 Dental Implants Atlanta GAFor many, many years, the gold standards in tooth replacement have been to bridge gaps and restore full arches with dental bridges and dentures. These over-the-gums fixtures reinstate the natural appearance of the smile, and they facilitate chewing. However, recent advances are changing the game of tooth replacement, and it pays to pay attention.

The Dental Implant Procedure

Many people are aware that a dental implant can be used to stabilize a crown to replace a single tooth. Did you also know that, if you need a bridge with multiple artificial teeth, implants can maximize your results? In similar fashion to the overdenture technique, an implant-supported bridge restores the fullest extent of the natural structure of tooth loss. Even if individual teeth and their roots are not replaced, there are significant advantages to the implant-bridge approach.

The way that the conventional bridge works is by relying on two stable, healthy teeth. For these teeth to act as anchors, they need to be crowned. Crowning teeth requires that they are reduced quite a bit. That means minimizing the overall structure of a perfectly healthy tooth. When we look to implants as the alternative anchor, we see an immediate benefit. But the long-term benefits may be even more impressive.

The natural consequence of losing a tooth is that the bone beneath that area will decrease in size and density. As we have discovered through years of relying on dentures and bridges, bone loss is no small matter. When an implant is situated in the place of a natural root, the process required for bone regeneration is not lost; it continues to support the ongoing health of bone tissue for many years.

Patients of Flax Dental can expect to be treated like family. We insist on the very best for each person’s smile because we realize that there is much more at stake than simple aesthetics. The look and feel and function of your smile must work together for you to feel comfortable and confident.

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