Need a holistic dentist to remove my amalagam fillings.

I am trying to eliminate harmful chemicals and materials from my diet, products, and health practices. I have done a lot of research on sanitary amalgam removal and want to find a holistic dentist that will do it for me. I thought I would get white composite fillings, but found out that they have BPA in them. This is not good news. I have to wonder what’s more harmful, BPA or mercury? Maybe the fillings I already have are better than getting fillings with another harmful material. It’s obvious that I need a new holistically-minded dentist because my current dentist told me this was all hype and both kinds of fillings are completely safe. I need some advice, hopefully from a natural dentist.

– Paulette in New Mexico


Well, for starters, the American Dental Association stands behind the opinion that amalgam fillings, as well as white composite (BAP-containing) fillings are safe. That said, you are not alone in your search for holistic dentistry treatments and more natural-minded practices. There are many dentists that will support this mentality and will perform safe, sanitary amalgam removal.

But your viewpoint as to what is worse, BPA or mercury, that is a tough stance to accommodate. You will have to determine for yourself what treatment option best fits your needs.

Most holistically-minded individuals will side with the anti-mercury position. Having mercury in the body can negatively impact psychological issues, nervous system and neurological disorders, and other problems. Whereas, BPA exposure can be linked to hormonal issues and damage to organs.

But there is some good news. There are some mercury-free dentists that prefer BPA-free fillings and that will remove the old fillings. This BPA-free composite is relatively new and isn’t mainstream. So in searching for the right holistic dentist, you may want to inquire if they use the BPA-free, tooth-colored material. This may require a little more research to find a mercury-free and BPA-free provider. But it sounds like this is a very important part of your life that you will be willing to go the extra mile for. Good luck!

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