New Hope for Denture Wearers

dentures | atlanta gaAs with all things in life, dentistry has (fortunately) changed over the years. Just 100 years ago, the idea of being toothless was not far-fetched. Today, we have multiple ways to replace missing teeth. We also have proven ways to help individuals prevent tooth loss to begin with. The improvements that have taken place in the last century have made it possible to live comfortably with false teeth – even a full set. This is important news for anyone who currently wears dentures, as well as for those who want to plan the best possible treatment should they need dentures in the future.

Dentures: The Standard Way

The design of the standard denture appliance is one that sits on top of the gums. Seeing that dentures were first developed before the 1900s, this would seem acceptable. However, your natural teeth are just floating above the surface; they are tethered to the jawbone by their roots. This is how you are able to chew such a variety of foods, and it is how your teeth stay upright in your mouth. With this being the intent of Mother Nature for your smile, why would you settle for anything less? Translation: why settle for a standard denture design if you have a better option?

Dentures: New and Improved

The development of dental implants has been an important contribution to dentistry, especially for the treatment of edentulous patients. What better treatment could we provide than to restore the look and the feel of natural teeth! The way we do this is by replacing roots, not just crowns. Combining root replacements with a full denture means a cost-effective and permanent solution to toothlessness. It also means:

  • Full stability for chewing dense or crunchy foods.
  • Full clarity of speech.
  • Optimal confidence to smile, speak, and eat with others.
  • Comfort without the need for adhesive paste.
  • Preservation of bone in the jaw.

Dr. Flax is an accredited cosmetic dentist who puts his heart into every case. He understands the value of a healthy, functional, and attractive smile, and he provides care that achieves just that. For more information on dental implants, call our Atlanta office at (404) 255-9080.



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