New Study Reveals the Importance Of Having a Beautiful Smile

Have you ever wondered how we make positive first impressions? Surprisingly, it’s not based on what we wear or what we say. The Dental Tribune reported a survey stating that out of 1,018 men and women almost half of the participants rated that an attractive smile makes a great first impression over what a person says or the way he or she dresses.

“The investigators extrapolated the survey results to the entire population and concluded that a smile is the most memorable feature when meeting someone for 48 percent of U.S. citizens. It seems to be more important than the first thing a person says (25 percent), what he or she is wearing (9 percent) or the way he or she smells (8 percent).”

In fact, the survey got more specific by stating three in four adults think an unattractive smile can reduce a person’s chance of a successful career.

Dental Implants AtlantaStriking that first impression

Having a beautiful, healthy smile is more important than ever before, and cosmetic dentistry has the ability to craft your smile into a work of art. Dental implants are a great way to make that awesome first impression, not to mention dental implants provide health and living benefits.

Dental implants have become the go-to procedure to cover gaps left behind from missing teeth with a 95% success rate. They provide countless benefits to help your smile and bite.

It’s important to act fast when you have a missing tooth. The jaw begins to deteriorate since it has no teeth to support. As a result, your bite becomes misaligned and your facial features sink in, making you look older.

If you’re looking for implant dentistry in Atlanta, then look no further than Dr. Flax. He has the ability to blend your implant with your natural smile.

Make a great first impression with a dazzling smile! Contact us today to schedule your personal consultation with us today!

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