Please stop doing these things to your teeth

Your dentist is always encouraging us to have good oral care habits so our teeth and gums can be healthy throughout our lives. But we all have other things we might be doing all the time that aren’t so good for our teeth. Here are some of those habits, ones your dentist would like you to give up now:

oral health careStop drinking soda
You probably know that all the sugar in your favorite carbonated drink is really bad for your teeth – and your body. Something you may not know is that all acidic drinks, meaning regular soda, diet soda and sports drinks, can cause tooth erosion. If you can’t give them up completely, consider cutting back on your total consumption as much as you can.

Stop using wooden toothpicks
No one likes to have food stuck in their teeth after eating in a restaurant – or anywhere that our usual dental care products aren’t readily available. But reaching for a wooden toothpick in those bowels near the exit is not a good idea. Wooden toothpicks shouldn’t be considered a substitute for dental floss because they can splinter and break. Plus, using them aggressively can damage your gum tissue. Consider carrying your own dentist-approved plastic toothpicks or a small container of dental floss in your pocket or purse.

Stop smoking
If you smoke, you’ve probably heard it all. But even though you already know smoking is bad for your lungs, heart and health, maybe you didn’t know how bad smoking is for your teeth and gums. And if bad breath and stained teeth aren’t enough to prove it, you should also know that smoking is one of the most significant risk factors for developing gum disease – which includes gum recession, bone and tooth loss. Smoking can also prevent you from having successful treatment for gum disease because nicotine compromises your body’s ability to fight infection.

Stop skipping dentist visits
When you see us for your regular checkups, you’re less likely to need a lot of work! So make your appointment today: Call: (404) 255-9080

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